High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell


High performance

The H3-350 is a RMFC battery charger, in contrast to the well known DMFC technology. This means that instead of using methanol fuel directly in a fuel cell, the methanol is reformed to a higher grade fuel by use of an integrated fuel processing unit. The processed fuel is then used in a high temperature PEM fuel cell. 

High Power density

The H3-350 unit is extremely compact. Compared with the currently available DMFC technology it has more than 3x the volumetric [W/L] and 2x the gravimetric power [W/kg] density. The H3-350 provides incredible value for customers looking for an eco-friendly battery charger with a high energy density. 

Hybrid systems

The H3-350 will make a powerful core component in most 24V hybrid systems. The imbedded charge controller can be modified to fit the system requirements and furthermore the CAN interface makes external control possible. 


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