Clean and efficient Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

Fuel Cell – Lithium Ion Battery – Inverter/Charger 
all combined in one powerful APU.  

With the introduction of a new green power generator technology based on fuel cells and lithium technologies, we seek to create a new Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) that can replace the traditional fossil fueled industrial generator solution. The new Auxiliary Hybrid Power solution will reduce costs and emission levels significantly. 

Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

230V/50Hz - 2300W cont. output  
230V/50Hz - 2600W 15min. output 
230V/50Hz - 4500W peak

Charging times (95% SOC)
Fuel Cell: 6hr : 50min. 
Mains: 1hr : 40min. 
Alternator: 3hr : 15min. 

+ Silent 

+ Low fuel costs 

+ Low fuel consumption 

+ No maintenance 

+ Significantly lower CO2 emission 

+ Ability to be integrated with vehicle 

+ Compliance with current legislation 

+ No emission of health damaging particles 

+ Be a part of the technology frontiers 

+ Get 230V/50Hz and 24V simultaneously 
+ Charge automatically from the fuel cell 
+ Charge from the mains – fast and efficiently

+ Charge while driving from the vehicle’s surplus energy or from other power sources 
+ Get full control and overview of energy consumption, remaining operation and charging time

Auxiliary Hybrid Power

Zero CO2 emission

By combining the lithium and fuel cell technology we get the best from both worlds and create a system with high energy efficiency and low fuel costs. Further more the hybrid constellation enables the system to have a very long operational time. In the case that the user should empty the battery pack, the fuel cell will a while before start up and charge the batteries. 

This means that the maximum capacity of the fuel cell will be utilized while charging the battery pack, and when the battery pack is fully charged the fuel cell turns off, with no fuel used in having the fuel cell running idle. 

Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

As a result we have a system that provides a wide range of power outputs, utilizing the low energy costs and high efficiency of electricity, with the extended operational time, efficiency and low fuel costs of the fuel cell, all with zero CO2 emission and very low noise.