Applications for the Auxiliary Power Unit

Fuel Cell – Lithium Ion Battery – Inverter/Charger 
all combined in one powerful APU.  

Professional automotive market

Where a vehicle is used for solving tasks in the field. Specifically the APU will solve the needs of private and publicly owned companies that establish and maintain the following: 


+ Wastewater systems

+ Distant heating

+ The grid

+ Communication infrastructure

+ Road network  

+ Buildings 

+ Infrastructure installations 



+ Low fuel costs

+ Low maintenance

+ Improved working environment

+ Compliance with legislation

+ No CO2 emission 



Military APU

The obvious advantage for the military market is that the system operates silent. Furthermore low maintenance and fuel costs are of significant value. Because of the very large implementation of APUs within the military for various purposes, we have implemented OEM/Integrators as a source of quality and specifications reference in the development of the mobile hybrid power solution.



+ Silent operation

+ Low fuel consumption

+ Low maintenance

+ Low heat signature



Integration market

For this market, the solution will instead of being a separate unit, be integrated within the vehicle, and with the individual components placed in the car. The integration preferably happens under the vehicle construction. We has through close cooperation with several trendsetting integrators, enabled that they are already implementing the lithium-based solution with great success and believes that the hybrid solution will be the next step. 



+ No particle emission

+ Low noise

+ Low maintenance

+ Ability to be tightly integrated within vehicle

+ Low fuel cost

+ Compliance with legislation

+ Extended working hours