About mobile-hybrid-power.com

With the introduction of a new green power generator technology based on fuel cells, a lithium battery pack and an inverter system, we seek to create a new Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) that can replace traditional fossil fueled industrial generator solutions, or having the vehicle engine running idle for power purposes. We call the new system the Auxiliary Hybrid Power solution.


By combining the lithium and fuel cell technology we have a system with a high efficiency and low fuel costs. The two technologies compliment each other perfectly and give the power extension that is necessary to enter new markets and create applications that were not otherwise possible. By using the battery and fuel technologies of the future in lithium and methanol, we believe to contribute to a paradigm shift in the technologies used for mobile power purposes. 


About Serenergy

We design, manufacture and sell fuel cell stacks and fuel cell power modules for system integrators. Serenergy is a leading manufacturer of fuel cell stack modules featuring the HTPEM (High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) technology. Our fuel cell modules transform methanol and hydrogen into electricity - with zero CO2 emissions. We pride ourselves on providing high quality customer solutions with zero-emission fuel cells. The only waste products from the fuel cell reaction are water and heat. Our products reflect our considerable experience in system design, offering cost-efficient and highly reliable systems.

About Clayton Power

At Clayton Power we develop and produce a broad range of lithium energy products: remote-controllers, sine wave inverters, inverter/chargers, lithium ion batteries, and battery management systems. We deliver complete plug’n’play power systems and solutions that are easy for you to install and control.  

Clayton Power is founded with a pioneering spirit. We continue to look for alternative approaches and to develop the knowledge and technology to optimize the mobile off-grid power solutions of the future. At Clayton Power we accept only the most optimal solutions, and we invite you to explore the new era of lithium power technology with us.